Creative Designs

Creative Designs:

From sketching your vision and ideas through our creative thoughts [ concept boards, mood boards, material/finishes boards, layouts ] will be developed to reach client satisfaction. Our skilled multi-disciplinary design team will work hard alongside you taking your vision and bringing it to life.

Furnishing Production

Furnishing [Ready / Manufacture Production]:


SRDS deal with some furniture companies in Riyadh Saudi Arabia for a quick action design, we also manufacture in factories both in Saudi Arabia and Europe for bespoke designs. We do have our identity of fabrics/finishes materials that can be customized for special clients. Our aim is to satisfy all client’s needs.


Project Management/Contractor

Project Management / Contractor:


SRDS will assign a Project Manger and contractor whenever needed to manage all your needs, from planning , budgeting, division and logistics of your project. Keeping you updated and fully aware of what is happening.




From our experience and knowledge we can help improve your interior spaces, knowing if its in need of revitalising or just a small touches.




Our duty is to make sure your products are perfectly packaged, loaded carefully, and arrived on time in pristine condition.